Our Core Values
We adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct business openly and honestly within the spirit and letter of the law.

Our mission to provide the finest, high-quality fresh fruit, vegetables, packaged foods, and to be a produce industry leader in nutrition education and research is Dole's top priority.

We are dedicated to bringing increased value to our stockholders and customers around the world.

Dole values loyal relationships with its stakeholders - our stockholders, customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and host countries around the world.

For over 150 years we have been committed to fulfilling our customers' expectations in the critical areas of quality assurance, food safety, traceability, environmental responsibility and social accountability.

We are committed to maintaining a positive and diverse workplace and supplier base that fosters open dialog and recognizes the importance of individual and cultural differences.

Dole fosters a results-oriented culture based on
our values.

A Message from the Chairman...

Dole Food Company Inc. - Code of Conduct

Dole has always endeavored to adhere to the highest ethical standards throughout its worldwide operations and has earned an international reputation for conducting business with integrity. Dole's Code of Conduct is a statement of principles for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. View Dole's Code of Conduct.

Shared Duty to Prevent, Correct and, if Necessary, Report Suspected Code Violations

Dole's commitment to sound business practices and high ethical standards means that we each personally must act in accordance with these principles every day, and we share the responsibility to prevent, correct and, if necessary, report suspected violations of the Code. This allows us to promptly identify and deal with concerns before they become major problems. If necessary, Dole provides several ways through which you may report a suspected Code violation.

Dole Internet Hotline

You may report any suspected Code violations online:


Use your Report Key and Password to follow up on an existing Report:

Important: Please note that our ability to review potential issues is affected by the amount of detail you report. The more details you share with us (names of people and organizations, locations, specific value of losses, specific timing of transactions, etc.), the better we will be able to review the potential issue.

Dole Telephone Hotline

U.S. & Canada: +1.888.236.7527
Toll-Free International Access Codes: Click Here
Call Collect: +1.770.409.5030

Direct Reporting

You may also contact any of the following in person, by phone, email or in writing to ask a question or report a violation:

  1. Your supervisor or another supervisory employee;
  2. A Human Resources representative or another employee relations representative;
  3. A lawyer in Dole's Legal Department; or
  4. A member of Dole's Internal Audit Department.

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Learn more about our Corporate Responsibility and
Sustainability program by visiting DoleCRS.com

Employees may submit a suggestion or idea through: Dole Innovation Lab