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Frequently Asked Questions about ETHOSline

1. What information should be submitted through ETHOSline?

ETHOSline has been created to handle suggestions, inquiries and possible violations. You may submit information online or by phone regarding the following:

1. Financial, accounting and auditing matters:

  • Concerns related to accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters
  • Illegal or suspicious practices that could affect the preparation of financial information
  • Failure to comply with generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards
  • Complaints about unconsolidated entities and off-balance transactions that should be considered in financial statements
  • Any form of financial fraud by employees or third parties related to CEMEX

2. Ethics, governance and compliance matters Ethics and compliance – unethical or illegal acts related to:

  • Employee relations including our recruitment process (any form of discrimination or creation of false expectations), failure to comply with labor laws and regulations, any form of harassment and unethical acts involving collaboration
  • Customer or supplier relations including any form of discrimination, false representations regarding availability and/or quality of products, failure to comply with laws or regulations on trade and competition, unfair trade practices and accepting or giving unauthorized or improper gifts, services and other courtesies
  • Government relations including failure to comply with laws, regulations, standards and other legal provisions and illegal or improper acts involving our relations with the government as customer, supplier, shareholder or promoter
  • Community relations including compromising the future of CEMEX or the quality of its relations with local communities by supporting partial or short-term solutions and requesting or accepting any personal benefits or assistance to hold public office in exchange for support provided by CEMEX
  • Improper use of assets including improper or questionable acts involving the operations or cash management activities of CEMEX, theft or misappropriation of any asset of the Company or use of an asset of CEMEX for an illegal activity
  • Other acts involving actual or potential conflicts of interest, workplace safety and health, environmental responsibility and improper use of confidential information
  • Any other matters involving applicable laws and regulations and related CEMEX policies


  • Issues related to the way CEMEX is managed or organized
  • Matters regarding the organization and functions of the CEMEX board of directors, board committees and senior management

2. Who will document my concern?

The Network, Inc. The Network is an independent reporting service operating out of the United States that has vast experience in developing programs that foster an ethical workplace and assist in risk mitigation. The Network will document your concern and relay the information to CEMEX for investigation and follow-up.

3. Who in CEMEX will manage the case?

After The Network documents your concern, it will be directed to the Audit Committee, the Ethics Committee or senior management, as appropriate, for resolution. An investigation will be conducted in accordance with CEMEX policies. If you provide contact information, you may be provided with an answer to the report you submitted. The timing of the response will vary depending upon the complexity of the situation.

4. What are the Audit Committee responsibilities?

Among other things, the Audit Committee is responsible for authorizing related-party transactions, selecting and hiring the Company's external auditors and reviewing the critical accounting policies of the Company. Additionally, the Audit Committee is required by law to establish procedures for the confidential, anonymous submission by employees of concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters. This procedure is designed to comply with that legal requirement.

5. What are the Ethics Committee responsibilities?

Among its responsibilities are to ensure that our values remain alive and thriving throughout the organization, provide a structured approach for the resolution of ethical matters, ensure global consistency in the interpretation and enforcement of the Code, act as advisory board and direct investigations whenever needed.

6. Will my report be treated anonymously and confidentially?

Yes, all reports received through ETHOSline will be treated confidentially, and if you so choose, anonymously. Since additional information about your report may be needed, however, we recommend that you provide an e-mail account (which may be generic). You can create an e-mail address from several free account providers including Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. Typically, there is a link (Sign up) to create a new e-mail account in the Welcome page.

7. How will my suggestion or inquiry be handled?

CEMEX fosters open communication with employees. Suggestions and inquiries will be handled diligently and confidentially. If you provide contact information, we may contact you if we need further information or if the case requires a response.

8. Is ETHOSline a secure site?

ETHOSline uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which ensures that all information sent to ETHOSline is encrypted and protected against disclosure to third parties.

9. Can I access ETHOSline externally?

Yes, you can access ETHOSline through any computer with Internet access at the following secure Web address: https://wb.cemex.com.

ETHOSline is managed by a third party, The Network, and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Network will document your concern and relay the information to CEMEX