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WELCOME TO THE DARLING INGREDIENTS ETHICS HELPLINE Darling Ingredients and all of its operating subsidiaries and divisions abide by the highest ethical standards and place trust in employees like you to maintain our commitment to integrity in all company business conducted throughout the world. Our actions define our culture and company. We count on you to uphold our reputation for doing things the right way. The ethical decisions you make and the hard work you do help us to grow profitably. Integrity, entrepreneurship, and transparency are our core values We value open and transparent communication and expect our employees and business partners to report known or suspected misconduct involving the company or its employees. We can only do something about misconduct if we know about it. There are many avenues available for asking questions and voicing concerns When you have compliance concerns, we encourage you to go to your supervisor, site manager, or functional leader. If your concerns are not resolved or you are not comfortable discussing the concern with your supervisor or functional leader, you can contact Human Resources or our Compliance Officer or you can report your concern by phone or Internet to the Darling Ethics Helpline. The Helpline is confidential The Ethics Helpline is confidentially managed by an independent, third-party service, and is available 24/7 with translation and interpretation support. The Helpline will transcribe the report and forward to our Compliance Officer for review. There it will be assigned to the appropriate individual(s) for investigation. You will receive a unique ID number allowing you to check the progress of your report, or to follow up with additional information. Retaliation is prohibited Darling Ingredients will not tolerate any form of direct or indirect retaliation arising from the reporting of suspected illegal or unethical conduct that is made in good faith. We rely on you to maintain the standard of integrity our company has built over the years.

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Eric Bowman


Darling Ingredients Inc.

Chief Compliance Officer

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You can report suspected misconduct to Darling Ingredients through our confidential third-party network:

The Ethics Helpline is not an emergency reporting service –

do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or

 property. For emergency assistance, contact your local authorities (911, 211, etc.).

Note: European law allows employees to use the Ethics Helpline as an anonymous or confidential way to report questionable accounting, financial or audit matters, suspected
bribery of public officials, or facts that may affect the vital interests of Darling Ingredients Inc. Darling is prohibited by law in certain European jurisdictions from receiving information
outside these stated areas. Please address issues falling outside the above-listed scope to local management, Human Resources, or the Compliance Officer, rather than through the Helpline.

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