Welcome to the GSK Speak up channels

Ethical business conduct is the responsibility of everyone working for and on behalf of GSK. It is the foundation for building trust in our company and protecting our licence to operate.

Asking questions and voicing concerns

We encourage anyone, whether working for GSK or not, to speak up about misconduct, possible breaches of our Code of Conduct, or other company policies or procedures, and suspected violations of laws and regulations. If you see something, say something.

If you are working for GSK, first consider speaking internally to a GSK manager, Compliance, Legal, or HR representative. If you can’t, or feel uncomfortable discussing the issue internally, you can use any of the other channels provided here. The telephone and internet reporting channels are manned independently of GSK, supported globally, and you can make your report anonymously if you prefer and as applicable according to your country’s laws and regulations.

No matter how you choose to raise your concern, we treat all questions and issues as confidentially as we can whilst GSK investigates fairly, co-operates with governments, and complies with legal obligations. When you report a concern in good faith, we will support you.

What can I expect after filing a report?
  • Your report will be forwarded to appropriate GSK management for follow-up
  • Members of management will review and address your concern; they may include representatives from the Global Ethics and Compliance function, Human Resources, and/or Legal 
  • Your concern will be handled promptly, discreetly, and professionally. Discussions and enquiries will be kept in confidence to the extent appropriate and permitted by law
  • On request, you may obtain certain follow-up information about how your concern was addressed.

Global reporting options

You can make a report or
raise a concern through local management, Compliance,
Legal or HR representatives

You can telephone our independent service provider, The Network, free of charge:

from the United Kingdom:

from the United States:

from another country: International dialling instructions


You can complete a report form on the internet:

INSIDE the United States

OUTSIDE the United States

If you’re a GSK manager who’s received a report from an employee:
Manager's report form

You can send a letter by
post to our mailbox:
PO Box 58572
Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA