Living Our Values




Kellogg Company is committed to maintaining a culture of integrity and compliance – a culture that does what is legal, ethical and responsible.


We encourage you to report any misconduct concerns immediately. You may discuss your concerns with your manager or you may use our Ethics Alertline which provides telephonic and web reporting with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability. When using our Ethics Alertline, know that all concerns are handled confidentially and you have an option to report concerns anonymously.  We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns in a timely manner.


On behalf of our company leaders, thank you for your commitment to integrity.







Ethics Alertline


If you see something, say something. Your concerns will be handled appropriately and your confidences
will be maintained.



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Our Ethics Alertline is maintained by The Network, a third party confidential reporting company. The Network will forward all concerns to our Office of Ethics & Compliance for investigation and follow up. Reports submitted will be handled promptly and discreetly.


Retaliation of any kind against anyone who reports a concern is a violation of Kellogg policy and is prohibited.

Reporting Harmful Activity

Some common examples of unethical, illegal or unsafe activity include:

• Conflicts of interest

• Accounting or auditing irregularities

• Theft and fraud

• Food safety concerns

• Harassment

• Code of ethics violations

• Bribery, kickbacks and
improper payments

• Antitrust and competition violations


• Improper dealings with customers
or vendors

• Use or sale of illegal drugs

• Creating or ignoring safety hazards