Business Abuse and Employee Relations Hotline

Northern Trust maintains a hotline for reporting acts or situations that potentially involve business abuse. Business abuse includes any illegal, unethical, or irresponsible activity that causes loss or harm to the Corporation, clients, or employees.

You may report potential business abuse confidentially, and if desired anonymously, on this secure Web site provided by NAVEX Global.

To Report Business Abuse:

Click here to make an online report in English

Click here for other languages in which you may make an online report

Once your online report is submitted, you will be given a unique identification number and you will choose a PIN that will allow you to access the Web site for status or follow up reports on actions taken by management.

If you prefer to submit a report using an alternative method,you may call NAVEX Global, which is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Callers do not have to give their names, the incoming calls do not display caller ID and highly trained professional client services representatives will take information from callers for follow up with management. Callers are given PIN numbers to use when they call back for status or follow up reports on actions taken by management as a result of their calls. You can reach NAVEX Global anytime toll-free as follows:

  • Beijing: 10-800-711-0644
  • India offices: Landline: Dial 0001 and when prompted dial 888-372-8798; Mobile: Dial 000-117 and when prompted dial 888-372-8798
  • Ireland: 1-800-558-650
  • North American: 1-800-241-5689
  • Singapore: 800-110-1876
  • Guernsey/UK: 0808-234-5975
  • Other Locations: 888-372-8798

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