Integrity in Action
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Honesty. Integrity. Respect.
Building a firm foundation.

High standards are more than a slogan or catch phrase – they represent the way we do business. Maintaining high standards means conducting business ethically and legally. Adhering to these standards helps us protect the reputation for excellence and integrity that we have built as an organization.

If you ever see, hear of or suspect a violation of our Code of Business Conduct or are asked to do anything you feel is unethical, illegal or unsafe, we want to know about it. Discuss it with your manager or your Human Resources Representative. If, for any reason, you are not comfortable speaking up in person, you may contact our Hotline via telephone or Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Hotline is a means to confidentially communicate your concerns (anonymously, if you wish) in your own language, without the fear of retaliation. The information you share will be thoroughly documented by a professional, independent interview specialist or a customized Web reporting form and relayed to our organization for investigation. You do not have to provide your name, and any calls received will not be recorded.

Some Common Examples of Business Conduct Issues:

  • Receiving money or gifts in exchange for providing a vendor with information regarding other vendors’ bids.
  • Making religious or gender-based comments or sexual gestures in the workplace.
  • Altering accounting records to reflect more sales or inventory than is accurate.
  • Accepting gifts or trips in exchange for our organization’s business.
  • Telling a family member to buy stock in CRH because the organization plans to announce a cutting-edge product soon and, once it makes the announcement, the value of CRH stock is certain to increase.
  • Paving the driveway of our largest customer’s home without charge in exchange for his agreement to give us 5% more business.
  • Investing in a business that sells equipment directly or indirectly to our organization.
  • Agreeing with a competitor to restrict solicitation of business to certain geographic regions, resulting in an absence of competition in pricing and/or products in those regions.


Speak Up!

If you see or suspect unethical, illegal or unsafe behavior, you may report your concerns anonymously by contacting:

Oldcastle Ethics & Compliance Hotline


In North America call:

Call 1-888-312-2698

Toll-free, 24 hours a day,
7 days a week

Anytime, from any location.
You DO NOT have to give your name.

(See below for international dialling instructions.)

Upon receipt of the report, The Network will forward the information to our organization’s management for investigation and follow-up. Reports submitted to The Network will be handled promptly and discreetly. Retaliation of any kind against anyone who reports a concern is a violation of our organization’s principles and will not be tolerated.

We believe every employee shares in the responsibility for promoting a positive workplace and making a commitment to DO WHAT'S RIGHT!


For Argentina, Chile and Mexico

  • Dial the following toll-free, country-specific number:
Toll-Free Number

  • A recorded message in your language will provide information to prepare you for the call.
  • An English-speaking interview specialist will come on the line, with an interpreter who speaks your language.

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